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FNAE has developed a teaching environment for youth, enriched by experience. 
Bookings schools, clubs and groups interested in a new exciting and dynamic introduction to Canadian Aviation.

Aviation Introduction  

School Group programs available:


  • Learn what does it take to become a pilot

  • Introduction to Flight concepts 

  • Navigation 

  • Licensing

  • Hands-on learning by getting into a training aircraft

  • See other aircraft on the field  

Becoming a Pilot.jpg

Learning Outcomes

Professional Pilot Michael Beachey will meet with students at school before to have introductions and share what will be leaning outcomes for the day.


  • Soar into the inspiring science of technology of flight

  • Learn about the Four Forces of Flight

  • Tour terminal and discuss the many careers in the aviation industry

  • Sit in an actual training aircraft and learn about licensing process

Training Class.jpg

Bear Clan Power

Print Can Be Purchased Framed or Not

Her power rises from the lodge of purification.

Seven Laws of Prophecy, Seven levels of light.

Her circle forever expanding around her....

As her inner self-teachings emanate from within her lodge of power.

Doug Fox, Wiki 2008

In support of.

First Nations Aviation Education

Mike Beachey, Flt. Safety Officer, Pilot

Come Fly With Mike



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